Why do we offer chocolate as a present ?

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Holidays, anniversaries or just important moments – they all make us think about what gift to take. Why do we offer chocolate as a gift and not other things ? Simple, because chocolate is a feeling, a state or a good taste.

Do you remember the first time you received a chocolate tablet ? It’s difficult to recall, because it became a common thing in our lives.

Over time chocolate has had differents symbolisms. It was the drink received as a gift by the Aztecs from the Gods, it was the main focus of the European nobility kitchens and it was the engine of an industry that is still thriving.

It was always present and constantly changing, which is why we have gathered the most common reasons why people love to receive and offer chocolate:

Luxury product

cutie rosie cu 25 praline asortate

There are a few luxury products that everyone can enjoy. In the past only nobles, bourgeois and high society had access to chocolate dishes.

Because of history, the process of obtaining an remarkable taste, people are nostalgic with the idea of the past. Thanks to the industrialisation of the making process, it has become convenient and accessible to most. Regardless of the budget allocated or occasion, there is definitely a chocolate product that corresponds to the demand.


It has long been said that emotions pass through the stomach and it is true. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a substance that promotes the production of endorphins.

Another reason would be her association with other things, suchs as emotions. The emotions we want to show, receive or get are those that dictate the choice of the products. Each holiday gift, as a sign of appreciation or consolation, is given on the basis of a positive or a negative emotion.

Occasions and traditions

In addition to associating with emotions, sweet taste makes us feel like home with every occasions in our life.

We generally eat cake or sweet products in happy moments of live with our loved ones.

That’s why a preparation consumed in happy circumstances will be preferred in greater proportions. You could say it’s a Pavlov phenomenon, but on another scale.

Chocolate itself has a rich history based of family traditions and friendship. Centuries ago, in central Mexico, the Mayans consumed chocolate as a delicacy during special events and ceremonies. Now, with all the possibilites and products that have emerged, we can make new traditions together with our loved ones.

Can be considered aphrodisiac

Chocolate is thought to make women more receptive and calmer. Althought it is a myth, there is a popular belief that chocolate can change a woman’s condition. This belief also comes from history when women were courted by offering them pralines or pieces of chocolate. Due to their rarity and high price they were often impressed and accepted. Now that chocolate products are no longer a rarity, the expected answers don’t show up so quickly.


We all have preferences, some genetically inherited, others from our own culinary experience. One thing in common that most of us have is the sensitivity to sweet taste and soft textures. Chocolate sugar gives it sweetness and fats in it, the soft texture. That’s why chocolate is an ideal product and so important to us.

We just love to give it away !

The moment we give a gift is a happy one for everyone involved. Althought in paragraph 1 I said it is considered a luxury product, the gesture of giving is a simple one and received well every time.

Thanks to its versatility, it’s also a simple gift to find. Chocolate has a wide range of flavors, textures and combinations, caters to all tastes. Whether the recipient is fond of sweets or is pretentious, there is definitely a chocolate for him.

With fillings with fruit creams, biscuits, caramel or alcohol, chocolate goes well alongside many preparations. There are no people who don’t smile when they receive or give chocolate.

Chocolate has benefits for the body

Aranjament cu sortimentele de ciocolată, 200 g

Not many desserts have as many health benefits as chocolate has.

Black chocolate is good for maintaining the elasticity of the heart’s blood vessels. It is also and excellent source of flavonoids, which fight against skin lesions. Chocolate also has certains vitamines and minerals beneficial to the body. If you want to know more details click here.

Choosing the perfect gift becomes quite easy when we consider that chocolate is the best option. The hardes decision we have to make is choosing the brand !

Now that we have found out why we offer chocolate as a gift, we recommend some of the Products Luado Chocolate, only good to give as a gift !


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