Generally ice cream means a delicious dessert that is consumed at a temperature lesser than 0 degrees. However, two categories must be distinguished: ice cream and sorbet.

The ice cream contains milk or milk derivatives and various flavour ingredients. The sorbet versus the usual ice cream is fasting. The sorbet contains fruit, sugar, syrup and water.

We don\\\\\\\'t know how many people think about health when they enjoy an ice cream, but we\\\'ll tell you what we\\\'ve been thinking. Every day we offer you products as correctly as possible, with the most natural ingredients possible. We use milk, eggs, fresh fruit, vanilla pods, honey, sweet cream, lemon, hazelnuts and more…

The history of ice cream is long and continuous. More details about it can be read here.

Ice cream

Luado does not produce strawberry-flavoured ice cream, but produces a dessert with 100% fresh strawberries. Luado does not produce ice cream with chocolate flavour, but produces a dessert with the finest Belgian chocolate 100%% cocoa butter.

Luado sorbet contains 100% natural ingredients and is a fasting product.