Luadó Chocolate – The Chocolate House Built Out Of The Passion For Exquisite Chocolate

Our pralines are the creation of our chocolatier who is specialized at the Callebaut® Chocolate Academy, from where we borrowed the secrets of fine chocolate and purchased the equipment we work with.

For the composition of the pralines you enjoy, we use  high quality ingredients, fresh and perishable. That’s because we think a good chocolate has to be consumed, not to stay on the shelves.

We want the filling of a praline to be a pleasant surprise, so we created fillings that would satisfy even the finest taste buds: mint and ginger infusions, fruit creams, gianduja, praline paste, marzipan or ganache flavored with Cointreau, whiskey, champagne, Riesling wine, Kahlua, Bailey’s, rum or cognac. The textures are given by seeds, candied fruit, nuts, French biscuits and chocolate flakes. We work with all types of chocolate: white, dark and milk, which are either molded or hand-made, piece by piece. The limited and carefully managed production ensures the continuous freshness of the products offered by Luadó Chocolate®, this being one of the things that characterizes Luadó Chocolate products.

Luadó Chocolate® produces pralines, chocolate, chocolate figurines and hot chocolate, ice cream and eclairs using quality ingredients, the main one being Belgian chocolate.

In order to ensure the delivery of the products in optimal conditions, Luadó Chocolate® ( has carefully selected the packaging used. They correspond both aesthetically and in terms of food safety.